Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brandon and I are training for the Annual Jordanelle Triathlon on August 18th.

Brandon is running the Olympic Tri-1500M Swim, 24.8Mi Cycle, 5.7Mi Run
I will be running the Sprint Tri-750M Swim, 13.4Mi Cycle, 3.1Mi Run

We've had a great time training together.

Speaking of running... Brandon and I ran the Dirty Dash together back in June.
So fun!

We have better photos, but they are currently not in my possession. So until I get those, you get these... 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our second day in Vegas got off to a slow start. Brandon was sick and definitely needed his rest so we slept in. I definitely didn't mind the extra sleep. Who doesn't like to sleep in? Since we really had no plans for our Vegas trip other than to see the sights and relax, sleeping in seemed like the perfect thing to do. 

We missed breakfast so, we went to IHOP.
Poor Brandon tired and sick trying to brush off how sick he really is.

After breakfast we thought about going back the the hotel to hang by the pool. 
We took a nap.
We woke from our nap to meet up with Audrey and her husband, Lane at the Carnival World Buffet.
After our experience at the MGM Buffet the night before, I said to Brandon, "I'm done going to buffets I'd be okay if we never ate at a buffet again." So... we decided to try another with Lane and Audrey that had better reviews. 

So much fun to see Audrey and Lane! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with them... or of them for that matter, but we had a great time wandering around with them for the night.

The Bellagio
 The chocolate fountain
 and of course the fountain show, which I love.

I had no real plans going to Vegas, I just wanted to see it and feel like I had a little vacation with Brandon. I feel bad that he was sick throughout, but
we had a great time and the accommodations at the JW were awesome.
Not to mention all the time Brandon and I got to spend together in car. 
I always get restless and overly hyper on trips like this and Brandon dealt with it very well.
I know I can be a annoying when I'm a little over energized, (all the more reason to really appreciate Brandon.).

Last but not least, Brandon got me the greatest gift!
A climbing rope! 
Exactly what I wanted.
Another reason why Brandon is so great!
(Brandon and I both love to go climbing and go quite often. The climbing gym is actually where Brandon and I met.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's been a while since I've blogged, I know. It happens.

What better way to come back to my blog than to post about my Birthday?!

So, I'm 22 years old.

I had so many different ideas and plans for my birthday - none of which worked out.
I gave up on trying to plan a trip somewhere and decided that a day with Brandon and a nice dinner would be perfect.

Who is Brandon you ask?
Well, that's him.

On the Saturday before my birthday, I was home - reading through some blogs when I came across this post from a friend I went to Timpview High School with. My friend Audrey is living in Las Vegas going to UNLV. She had her brother in town and they ventured around Vegas. One of their stops was to Harrah's for their Dessert Nachos. 
The picture of the nachos itself gave me reason enough to start planning a trip to Vegas. Plus, I had never really been to Vegas but to pass through.
Since my mom is working for Marriott these days I had her check out the availability of a hotel in Vegas. I called Brandon and told him "We can leave tomorrow morning, stay a couple nights and have you back, for work on Wednesday!". He basically said, "whatever you want...".

So, that was that. 

We had a semi-late start (being a last minute trip there were a lot of last minute things to do to cover ourselves before we left) but soon enough, we were on our way.

After a few, or... 6+ hours of driving we arrived in Vegas and checked into the JW Marriott just outside of town. (excuse the poor quality of the pictures they were all taken with my phone)

We took a nap because, well... what else would we do in Vegas? We were so tired though, Brandon had to work until 4 that morning and was feeling a little under the weather, (and still wanted to drive. Bless him.) and I... well I'm not sure what I was doing - but I was tired nonetheless.
We joked, "We're in Vegas baby! Lets... take a nap.".

We woke up a few hours later and I called Audrey, to see if she, as a local, had any pointers for us and made plans to meet up the next day. Brandon and I went out to the strip and made sure to send pictures of us "having fun" to my mother per her request. We labeled them, "us having fun no.1" 2..3..etc. 
She though it was funny, but about 20 pictures later she asked if maybe we could just show her pics when we got home.

  I love Hot Tamales, which is why Brandon got me the large bag and also why this photo is included in the 'fun'.

We ate a the MGM Grand Buffet and let me just say, it was horrible. Never eat there.
I was amazed that people leaving there, were giving such rave reviews, but then... food is food after you've had 'a few', so their reviews shouldn't/didn't count.

More pictures of us having fun:

 I didn't realize m&m world had so many floors.
My feet were already tired and we hadn't even walked down half of the strip!
 and yes, he's that strong.

I snuck in the display while no one was looking. I fit in so well here.

We didn't end the night before going into Tiffany's - Brandon could have passed that up, but what a great place. Great service, a great air conditioning system, and of course the jewels but I like Tiffany's more for the atmosphere and the relation to a great Film. The jewelry is more of a secondary thing.

And thus ends our first night in Vegas (poor Brandon kept getting more and more sick throughout the night... and our trip. Such a champ for following me around Vegas and posing as directed in all the photos... really.)

Saturday, January 28, 2012


No one was available to clean the school the other day...

Would you expect anything less when I enter a music room??

The distraction set us back quite a bit... or a few hours.
We were there pretty late, but things started to look up when we found some Redvines 
in a classroom. Then we bit into one.
Hard as a rock.
This was Staci's look of disappointment. killed me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

im snowboarding on my new board tomorrow.
super stoked.
i think i will spend the day in the park...
most likely hurt myself a bajillion times.
but how will i get better if i don't try, right?
i'll be doing back flips off those jumps before you know it.

love the pain.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ox in the mire

Sunday, I woke up early. Knowing that it had snowed all night got me excited for a perfect powder day at Canyons! One of the first powder days this season...
I was up too early to start getting ready so I hopped on facebook and started browsing through people's lives, when I got a phone call from an old roommate, Bri.

towards the end of our conversation, I got a call from a lady, whom I manage a house for (she rents out her house regularly). My heart jumped . I couldn't think why she would be calling me so early...

I ignored the phone call (knowing she would leave a message) and immediately logged in to my email to check that I had all of her arrival dates correct (because at the time - her guests had checked out a few days earlier but the house was still sitting dirty). All the dates were correct and i wasn't expecting anyone until the first week of February.

I got off the phone with Bri, and checked my voicemail. The lady, was somewhat frantic because someone had checked in to the house the night before and it was dirty. She didn't get their messages until morning because she turns her phone off at night.

I called everyone I could think of to help me at this house, but no one was available. (this house usually takes me about 15 hours, it's huge.)
I called my friend Staci, but she was headed to church.
Super stressed at this point and bummed I wasn't going to be able to snowboard on a perfect day, I started gathering some supplies.
I realized then, that I had no clean rags. none. There was definitely no time to run a load of wash so I just went to Home Depot and bought some more.

On the way I called Seth to see if he had any contacts who could help me clean, he said he would make some phone calls.

When I arrived at the house the guests were, as you would imagine, not very happy.
Not much else I could do but get started on the cleaning.

Seth called me back with a girl named Janice, who was available but needed a ride to the house.
I couldn't leave and didn't have anyone else who could pick her up so I traded Seth a ski pass for giving her a ride.

Before Seth and Janice arrived I got a phone call from Staci. These were her words exactly, "I'm standing at the door." (LOVE HER!)
I was so relieved and happy to see her! what an angel!
I asked, "I thought you were going to church?"
Staci, " I was, but my ox was in the mire."

haha such a good friend..

Janice arrived shortly after and we worked until we were finished at 3pm
I could not have done it without their help!

The guest apologized for being grumpy that morning and asked if I had a Costco membership, wondering if I was going to Salt Lake and would get them ski tickets from there since they are discounted. I don't have a membership but my roommate does, so to smooth things over a little more I arranged for my roommate and I to make a trip to Costco.

On the way back with the tickets, I stopped to get them special coffee and a Deer Valley Turkey Chili mix, kind of as a peace offering.
He asked why I did that, and I just said I felt bad that their vacation got off to a rough start and hoped the rest wouldn't be ruined/tainted by this - and if there was anything else they needed they could call.

The guest said, "Well, you didn't have to that. This is between the owner and I" but I told him it was a miscommunication between the owner and I and I still felt bad. He was nice and gave me some extra money for my trouble, and the next day I showed some of the guests around the mountain.

so... hopefully all is well with them now. (and hopefully they don't ask for their money back.)

Monday, January 23, 2012


The highlights of today:

First: I bought a new pair of snowboarding pants after years and years of wearing the same old pants that have never fit.
Second: I came home tonight and just ate Reese's Puffs and two boxes of Hot Tamales, and watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

All in all... a pretty good evening.